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I return!

2012-12-01 04:52:04 by Geoplex

After some inactivity due to exams and school related things, I have uploaded a new song!


I return!

Remix of the best song ever made

2012-11-04 03:08:12 by Geoplex

DJM4C and I remixed Cloud Head by Stan SB, so go check it out! :o


2012-10-30 03:19:46 by Geoplex

I dunno, I feel like posting something.

Amuse me, Newgrounds.

The diversity of my audio...

2012-10-29 06:22:01 by Geoplex
Updated lacking.

After being dissatisfied enough with my recent submission (Cloudburst) to remove it (I have made a lot of adjustments and will upload the new version tomorrow) I've decided that my next song will be different.

Very different.

But still DnB, probably.

Le edit: I uploaded it -

Yet another new song

2012-10-17 06:22:05 by Geoplex

Seems like I only post when I have a new song to share, but regardless... I have uploaded something new.
My production rate has really been increasing lately ^.^

So... new song.

2012-09-26 13:09:19 by Geoplex


Soundcloud and Youtube!

2012-09-04 04:20:35 by Geoplex

I've started up a new Youtube Channel and Soundcloud account, both under a new artist name (trying to get my Newgrounds name changed also.)

Additionally, new song. My second this year.


Woo, new song!

2012-07-01 03:46:12 by Geoplex

After 8 months of inactivity, I finally finished another song. My first this year.

Check it out, perhaps? :3

Good god

2012-06-10 12:15:52 by Geoplex

Noticed just now that my most recent post was at the time of the redesign, and that was a while ago.

I suppose I'm writing this to notify all zero of you that I plan on making a Youtube channel in order to upload my music and other miscellaneous things in the near future.



2012-02-08 05:01:16 by Geoplex

The new layout is very shiny and all, but it's hurting my brain currently - I can't find anything.
Where's the page that allows me to check for new reviews on my audio, and why don't scores display in an easy-to-read fashion?
I don't want to have to scroll down or mouse-over the stars to check what the score actually is; or how many people have voted on the submission.

Shiny is good though.