Writer's block

2013-02-12 06:04:15 by Geoplex

I currently have the music equivalent of this. I know it has something to do with my inability to understand in advance how a potential song could sound, leading to premature discontinuation of unfinished projects, or a simple unwillingness to attempt anything in the first place.

What I don't understand is how to fix it.


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2013-02-12 07:39:09

What I normally do is Listen to a bunch of songs of the genre that I'm making and think.
"Hey, I could try doing something similar to that pattern". or something :P

Geoplex responds:

I've been getting minor inspiration from other songs lately, but attempting to remake stuff always seems to make me feel depressed or something o.O

Gonna try remixing something I think.


2013-02-12 10:10:08

I like to write down song structures of random song I like. Chorus, verses, where it changes keys or transpose... How long the transition are, how long is the chorus, the bridges... when I have 3-4 structures, I mix them up, write chords on a piano, add some percussions and after that I add stuff.

It gives you a good Idea on how the song will sound. + You actually learn from other composers.

^^ Now go make music

(Updated ) Geoplex responds:

That's actually a good idea, I may try that.



2013-02-20 05:25:35

I've had wrighter's block once, in my case it wasn't a matter of being inspired or trying harder, i just had to relax and let my ideas form naturally. What i'm saying is trying harder to get past it only makes harder on yourself, just take a day or two to relax, and don't try to force yourself to have a good idea. Thats what fixed it in my case. Good luck!

Geoplex responds:

I agree, though I've been relaxing for about a month :P

I am working on something now, but I'm unsatisfied with it and want to start again. Maybe I've just been listening to too many well-mastered, professional tracks.

On that note, I need a better snare...


2013-02-20 05:59:24

Don't worry, I get that about everything I do in life.

But back when I did do things, I once began to remake an abandoned project from scratch. Not *entirely* from scratch, mind, as I picked out elements from the original that were "essential" -- since the project file had corrupted and I was using a tool to access parts, it quite literally felt as if I were salvaging it -- and then quickly hammered together a section that I had previously agonised over, so that I could move on without getting bored.

Don't know if that's any use, but shared experience can often help.

(Updated ) Geoplex responds:

Possibly. I've been considering remixing one of my incredibly poorly mastered songs from mid-2012 lately, might give that a go.

Also, you should do stuff again.