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Man, I miss this kind of animation.

This is actually very impressive, the movements are solid and impacts have power. Stick figures may not be all that interesting, but they have surprising potential and really make fight scenes a lot more interesting because of how easy they are to animate.

I liked the choreography too, everything about this looks good :P

Reminds me of 2006 Newgrounds, but with better animation.

Please finish this :P


Somehow, I enjoyed this.

The feel of your flash is one of crude humor, but it's oddly successful - I was surprised to find myself chuckling.
Obviously your voice could be refined, and you seem aware of this, but to me it enhanced the effect of the flash.
Clearly the premise is a simple one, but it's in line with the simplicity of the humor.

While not amazing, I feel like this was successful in many respects. You certainly seem quite good at visuals, too.

+1 for the Inception music also :P

Disturbingly brilliant

60 fps is insane, dude. The 3D effects and the red tails from the swords and weapons were a very nice touch. The screams were a little excessive if you ask me, however they did make me chuckle a little.
I feel oddly like I shouldnt like this at all due to the fact that youve taken krinkels love for violence and magnified it... but its flawless and I cant not like it. I cant.


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Lovely :) This is a great project you have here. I really like the different level aesthetics. I'd suggest having the music continue between deaths, instead of starting over each time.

Linklightt responds:

Thanks for checking it out! I agree the music should keep playing. Someone also suggested a death counter lol

Fun, but frustrating.

My only quarrel with this game is that it's virtually impossible to play a later level through the first time, without first knowing when obstacles are going to trick you. This game would be a nightmare for anyone OCD enough for get all the medals. Oh, the difficulty curve didn't quite seem right either - I had a lot more trouble on the second last level than the last. But, oh well.
For the good, it was fun and interesting - level design was quite creative and the game played well and looked good. It also has an extremely polished feel about it, too.
I enjoyed it.

Thanks for using my music, too :P

OONi responds:

Thanks for making awesome music!


This is seriously stunning, and very well put together. I enjoyed having little facts about each individual object, even if some of them felt a bit strange or irrelevant (such as how thick my flesh would be if I were to stretch it across Vatican City.)

If you plan on making another one, having each object part of another might put the scale of things in a better perspective; (zooming out of an atom would reveal it to be a part of a person's cell, for example.)

Despite its educational nature, i thoroughly enjoyed this.

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David Orr is alive oh my gosh
I have many memories of enjoying your music back in 2007/2008. Love the adventurous vibes and variety in this :)

DavidOrr responds:

Yep I am alive -- and thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

Nice :D nailed it

SuperSoniker responds:

I'm glad you listened to this, thank you very much! <3

collab with au5 when????
(Also fr this is massive)

Edit: do it

DerpcatOfficial responds:

i have no idea XD ya know what imma ask him now, were good friends already so why not

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