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Good day Gentlemen

2011-12-25 21:50:23 by Geoplex

Merry Christmas and whatnot.

Oh god my ear

2011-11-30 21:45:33 by Geoplex

This ever happen to anyone else? My ear seems blocked, I can barely hear out of it - everything sounds low passed or something.
It's happened to me before and gone away, but now it seems to have returned.

watdo D:

Inactivity, RPG

2011-10-03 22:08:52 by Geoplex

So I've been inactive for a month or two, but have been working on an RPG game.

It's pretty unlikely anyone will even see this post for a few days since my page is a wasteland now, but I felt like attempting to keep it up-to-date anyway.

Pic is below.

Inactivity, RPG

My medals

2011-04-17 13:58:51 by Geoplex

They are gone.

This post is void of comments

2011-03-23 10:38:59 by Geoplex


New song + game

2011-03-16 00:31:54 by Geoplex

I've recently been working on a new song, and have just submitted it. It's my first track in over 16 months, so it's nothing special.
Opinions would be welcome.

Been slacking on my game a bit due to lack of motivation, but I'm not giving up on it. I'm on break, I am.

Progressing with platformer.

2011-02-21 02:07:21 by Geoplex

I know people don't often visit my page anymore, mostly due to my lengthy absence from the site. But I thought I might as well continue posting anyway in order to avoid another.
I've made progress with my platformer. I'd like to have it finished by the end of next month (March) if I can, but I doubt that will end up happening. Could be sooner for all I know, though.

Updated pic of first level is below.

Progressing with platformer.


2011-02-08 16:33:12 by Geoplex

Recently I've been working on another flash game, but lost motivation about 3-4 weeks ago. I totally forgot about NG, so I figured I might as well post a screeny and possibly put up a link later to an unfinished version if I never complete the game.
It was a platformer and in its current form had about 7 levels.



2010-12-06 03:15:24 by Geoplex

I'm working on something flash-related. Something I've made great progress with in the past few days. But if I mention what it is, it's going to fail like all my other projects.
So I won't.

Well as it turns out..

2010-10-12 05:15:14 by Geoplex

I'm still bored.
I've been doing other things lately, only using flash for school-related stuff. I know nobody ever comes to my page anymore but I thought I'd throw up a new post anyway, my other one was becoming a little stale.
In recent months I've only been coming to NG for the forums, and even then only occasionally.
However, at least in the immediate moment, I feel somewhat in the mood to do something flash-related.

I'll probably lose interest in a few minutes.