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Not a good week...

2009-03-17 18:03:19 by Geoplex

My laptop died... i cant get my internet to work (right now im using my brothers laptop...) the only computer i can use is slow and therefore cant run flash... i still have bronchitis, i coughed up blood last night. I just got the flu and my headphones (expensive ones, too) broke....

EDIT: Forgot to say: Im at my dads place now, so i can use flash :3
My laptop is currently being fixed also.

EDIT: I drew a Piksharr :3
(yes, with a mouse. I dont have a tablet D:)

Not a good week...


2009-03-09 03:32:41 by Geoplex

Well, more or less. I finally made myself a piece-of-shit website with google sites... yep.


2009-02-07 00:34:34 by Geoplex

Atralite RPG is on the move again.
31% done... this thing is going so slow.

EDIT: The fires are gone. FINALLY! MY HOUSE IS SAFE.
Also, if anyone uses FL8, i feel like doing another collab maybe. If you use FL8 and would like to do a collab, PM me.

EDIT: Holy shit, there was an earthquake measuring 4.6 on teh richtor scale or whatever where i live. The whole house shook and all D:



Workin on a game

2008-12-09 20:43:32 by Geoplex

Game: 27% (approx) done

EDIT: K guys, it looks like i owe you an explanatioin about the game. I saidit was going to be done in a month or less? Well, things took a lot longer than i thought they would and getting some aspects of the game to work was fucking hard. It might take anywhere from 2 months to 3, or maybe even 4 if i make every last little option im going to. Anyways, i think i should also tell you what the game is actaully about:

Its an overhead RPG, where you, as the character, are residing in the town of beldwrith. There are tournaments in each town, that you must beat before you can move onto the next town. However, there are areas outside the towns like forests and swamps that lead to other to0wns, and are also sparsly populated with traps, and other people looking for a challenge. The tournament will be harder depending on the city or area you are in. There are two kinds of combat: Range, and melee. Some fights require range, and some require melee. However, you will only be allowed to use one type of weapon in a combat situation (The one the opponent is using)
If you wish to start a tournament, you can speak to a tournament master, who will have a few other people to beat before you can face n(and hopefully defeat) him and earn a prize and the right to possibly move onto the next city. Rewards can range from cash, to weapons or even the ability to perform a teleport.
As of the moment the items you can have in your inventoray are very limited. So far, there are: Teleport tablet: Teleports you back to the center of town. Good for getting out of a nasty spot. Can be bought at the Beldwrith general store.
Health potion: Heals 30 of your health points. Can be bought from the beldwrith general store.
Energy potion: increases your speed temporarily. No object origination as of yet.
Super health potion: heals 50 of your health points. can be bought at the beldwrith general store.
Dragontooth crystal: Teleports you to a number of different location. Won from tournaments.
Crossbow bolts: Ammo for a crossbow. Bought from the beldwrith weapons store.

Please note that you can do a tournament as many times as you want, and i am working on a "sell" option for all items. Please also note that you can only have up to 30 of each item at a time, except for crossbow bolts which you can have up to 50 of. (may be increased later) If you want to switch weapons or heal yourself during combat, it will take up your turn. Here is how combat works: When you initiate a tourname3nt a different screen will open up and youll be able to heal, attack, switch weapons, or run away. Each time you click attack, your player will attack the opponent and do a random amount of damage depending on your strength level. Then the opponent will attack and do a random amount of damage depending on the difficulty of the tournament. Keep in mind you can use "special attack" for a stronger attack, but it will have to rebuild after it has been clicked.

Possible ideas: I have been thinking about creating Pets that help you in combat, but i found this to be a little too hard. Ill see what i can do though, but dont expect me to come out on top.
Anyways, this is the game in a nutshell so far, except i havent made the combat interface yet, and i expect that to be the toughest part yet. I WILL SUCCEED THOUGH >:D

EDIT: Boredom = shitty madness test. I made that out of, well, yeah, boredom. This doesnt mean im doing madness agiain though, i simply had nothing to do...

Oh and btw.. technically i made the sound fx for it.

EDIT: I made a cheat... but its almost impossible to find. If someone does find it when the game is released and spreads it round a lot ill probably remove the cheat.
Anyways, there are 23 different areas planned so far, but ive only made 10.5 of them atm. There are already cities, jungles, mountains, caves, forests, beaches, and shit like that. Im pretty happy with this thing so far... :)

Oh, and i totally forgot. Today marks exactly one year since i started making/submitting music... and only a week til im 14. YAYZ :D

EDIT: FUCK! Starting to find glitches en masse. I cant work out how the fuck to fix half of them and im getting PISSED OFF >:(

EDIT: K i got a few of the glitches fixed but im still trying to recover from a major graphics fuckup. I think im gonna have to completely re-arrange a heap of scripts... bah.

Im not thinking about giving up, but i think i need a break from working on my game. Things arent working out...

Workin on a game

Ohhh yeah

2008-09-16 06:50:16 by Geoplex

Im back.
And possibly insane.
Anyway, that aside, im finally working on a new song, in the first time for a matter of months.
Sooooo... thats... all i spose :P


2008-06-20 02:48:45 by Geoplex

I give up


2008-04-30 23:42:30 by Geoplex

Ok guys, well, i AM restarting MEx3, but im gonna work on it quicker this time.
Infact, you know what, just forget about it.
If youre still waiting on it, forget that it will ever exist, because im not sure how long it will take.
My re-set deadline is Madness day 08, and i hope i can get it done by then.

Heres the song:

approaching storm

Im removing the trailers for MEx3, because everythings back in swing.
Just restarting MEx3 now, and im working on it as much as i can.
Well, say bye too teh trailers.

MEx3: 5% done
Status: 8 Kills.
Frames: 930 (Including the intro)
Duration: 31 seconds (Including the intro)

100th person to comment (Unless theyre a spammer)
Gets their name on the wall in 2 or 3 rooms in MEx3.

Thats teh all.


finally getting some damn work done

2008-04-21 03:20:44 by Geoplex

7isunlucky's collab part is taking its time.
To be honest i havent been working on it that much, and my computer keeps being gay and taking the file away from me, so, yea.
Heres a little pic.

{EDIT} 23/4/08 (In australia we put the day first, not the month, so remember that, k?)

I have a new song out.
It doesnt have a great score, but its by far my best yet.
I am also making music for madness rebirth 2,
madness streak 5 menu,
and a little trance piece for hereForrock's new game which should be out soon.

Madness execution 3: Hasnt been worked on in a while. 73%
7isunlucky's collab part:
I just got to work on it.23%
Madness streak 5 menu music:
: 100%
rebirth 2 music:
: im not working on it till maxThedemon sends me the swf and stuff. 0%
Trance loop:
Madness Zombie Party 2 Song thing

{EDIT} 25/4/08
I decided to let you guys know why it takes me so long to animate:
I worked it out and i only get about 10 and a half hours of animation time every 2 weeks, because im barely allowed on the computer at my dads place, and i cant animate at my mums place coz her comp is so slow its not even worth trying.

{EDIT} 26/4/08

I have decided that two of my songs are not worthy of NG.
Teleportation, and long journey, so im gonna remove them.

Anyway, thats all.
Cya guys.


finally getting some damn work done


2008-03-09 18:02:59 by Geoplex

Hey guys, sorry i havent made a new post in a while. I wanted to get 70 comments O_o.
Anyway, MEx3 isnt going as well as i hoped it would, so ive started a bit of a side project.
Me and my brother and my friend and his little brother choreographed a lightsaber deul over the weekend. (The fighting isnt very good because me and my friend's little brothers are just well... not really that good at fighting each other with sticks)
Anyway, the choreographys done, and when ive added in all the special effects in flash (Im not good enough at Adobe After Effects to use it)
I might or might not submit it. It depends on how well it all turns out.

Also: I have joined 7isunlucky's madness collab. I have started on the animation, theres a pic below.
Madness execution 3: 70% (Duration: 118 seconds) I found out ive got more done than i thought.
A LOT more.
7's collab: The file died, read down lower to find out why
Lightsaber fight thing: Around 40%

Im also gonna have my sprites up for dpwnload soon if anyone wants them.


Also, Happy easter everyone.

On another topic: Starting tommorow i should have a new 1 minute song out every few days.
Itll be something like: 'the flight series' or whatever.
Its gonna be about My 8 pet birds which i like very much. (i LOVE birds n_n)
Im going to make a song about each one of them and name the song the name of the bird.

{EDIT} Ive made 3, yes 3, new audio tracks in one night. And honestly i think theyre all kickass.
Theyd be out today except i cant upload stuff from my dads place (which is where i am right now and will be for the rest of the week)
because our download allowance is so low.
Ill see if i can get to the public library today to upload them n_n

Hey guys, ive started a new song. And GEUSS WHAT.
ITS 6 minutes long and still not that repeitive!
Im pretty happy.

{EDIT} I submitted the song. It started off with a FUCKING horrible score, 1.27/5.00 lol.
But its gone up now, so i hope maybe i wont have to remove it.

{EDIT} SHIT! I lost the file for my animation for 7's collab. I was exporting it when it said: Flash Exe has ecountered a problem and has to close... etc.
Anyway, when id closed it, the file just wasnt there!
Im sad now :(

{EDIT} Hey guys, ive nearly finished another song. I just need to get the transitions in it sounding better, and then ill submit it.
theres a pic of FLS 7 below :D (Thats the program i make music with)

{EDIT} Holy crap i have a lot of edits.

{EDIT} MEx3 would be going well except for the fact that some of the sounds got fucked up and dont wanna work anymore. Im working on getting that fixed but its taking a while and i havent really made any progress yet O_o.

{EDIT} well, i had this weird dream last night that when i submitted MEx3 it got daily 2nd. Maybe its a sign :D
(I hope so)

{EDIT} Woah wtf?
What happened to NG?
Now it seems to be PooGrounds instead of NewGrounds.

{EDIT} Damn. The holidays are almost over. I have 3 days left. Well... yea.

{EDIT} This will probably be my 2nd last edit for this post.

{EDIT} Im bored.

{EDIT} New user image. Check it out :D




2007-12-21 21:19:56 by Geoplex

yet ANOTHER update on madness execution three. I got about 2 and a half thousand frames done. The animation does start of a bit choppy but by the second room it gets real good.
A lot of people have been asking about the Vcam. To all those people who asked: This is the link for it HERE.
Anyway, I plan on having madness execution 3 released by my birthday
(Jan 28).
Since i have been invited to 2 collabs (Gabriel barsch's and Watzittooya's) I have been forced to stop animating Mex3 again. Anyway, heres a pic of one of the animations for gabriel barsch's collab.

EDIT: The preveiw is up: watch it here

EDIT2: W00T!
I got flash CS3 and after effects CS3.

EDIT: Also: My brother finally got onto NG and he has made his first post.
Here's his page: HERE
But be nice.
he's only 11.