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Headphone breakage!

2013-07-11 10:11:57 by Geoplex

So, my $300 headphones just exploded violently on me. I think my warranty's still valid on them, so it may not be the end of the world - but at any rate, I likely won't have anything up for a decent amount of time if I'm stuck with my earbuds.

If anyone's curious for any reason, these were my headphones.


2013-05-29 02:24:53 by Geoplex


I was considering uploading these individually (like, one per week) but for some reason I wanna release them together. I know that's technically a bad idea, but I don't care enough.

They're kinda similar to older stuff, but oh well.


Ocean of Stars

Solar Rain


Song related update!

2013-05-25 08:50:53 by Geoplex

I have released two new songs on Youtube, and they'll be out on NG this Wednesday for sure. They've been ridiculously delayed and still might need a small amount of polish, but they're up at least!

Ocean of Stars

Solar Rain


I really hate mixing/mastering.

2013-05-12 07:21:50 by Geoplex

I can't seem to get this mix sounding strong - it wouldn't be so frustrating, but earlier versions of the song sounded clean and punchy, appropriately compressed, and reasonable in their dynamic range.

Now I can't seem to get that kind of sound back, and the song is going downhill. Will probably be postponing uploading (at least on youtube/soundcloud) til Wednesday.

That's like the 3rd Wednesday in a row I've said that, lol. Yay.

Hey, 200 fans.

2013-05-01 01:43:27 by Geoplex

That's pretty cool.

Thanks everyone ^.^

Oh wow, where did my week go?

2013-04-19 10:43:04 by Geoplex

I was planning to release a song this Wednesday (the previous Wednesday, a few days ago) and I never got around to even trying to finish it. It's weird, the last thing I remember it was Monday evening.

What the hell, time.

Epiphany, DeviantArt

2013-04-14 08:56:36 by Geoplex

So I'm working on a new song, and somehow the mixing and general atmosphere of it has turned out a lot better than usual. It's caused the realization that all my currently uploaded songs are incredibly poorly mixed (very little treble, bass lacks presence, feels like both extremes of the spectrum are just missing.)

It's been a weird thing to experience, an altering of perspective. Suddenly I can see flaws that I couldn't before. I haven't had this happen for a year at least.

Additionally, I made a DeviantArt accountas a place to put stuff I make with Photoshop when bored and whatnot. Go have a look if you're bored too.

I mostly made this post to avoid looking inactive, but I should be posting a song this Wednesday if things pan out well.

Yup ^.^

New Trance Song!

2013-03-06 05:36:37 by Geoplex

So yeah, I finally made a new song. It's not Drum and Bass. Seriously.

New Trance Song!

Writer's block

2013-02-12 06:04:15 by Geoplex

I currently have the music equivalent of this. I know it has something to do with my inability to understand in advance how a potential song could sound, leading to premature discontinuation of unfinished projects, or a simple unwillingness to attempt anything in the first place.

What I don't understand is how to fix it.

Song this week!

2013-02-08 18:50:53 by Geoplex

I'm making a promise to finish a song for this Wednesday, because my creativity has been dead for the last few weeks (not to mention I'm back at school, so I've been a bit busier than usual and whatnot.)

Additionally, a friend of mine drew something as a result of listening to one of my songs and I thought I'd share it :3

Check the rest of her stuff out here.

Song this week!