New Drum & Bass song!

2017-06-12 04:08:46 by Geoplex

I'm playing with some Orchestral stuff this time. It's fun. Also, I plan to upload a song every week this month, so keep an ear out?


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2017-06-12 04:47:06

Wow, Geoplex. I am stay tuned for you.


2017-06-30 09:01:52

Tbh, your creations making me happy and relaxed! :D
I am really love your songs! >w<
And if I had the opportunity, I would hug you ('owo)
Oh, and if you can, maybe you'll try more sounds from "Florescense"? :3
Good luck on it Geoplex! :D
Your big fan - cute dragon - Yuri ('>w<)