Not dead

2016-04-07 11:34:35 by Geoplex

This page is derelict (again lol) but I have to post updates somewhere, because updates are something I suppose I kinda stopped doing.

Been in a bit of a musical rut, lost everything on my computer a while back, had uni and other related stuff. I'm working on stuff at this moment and I can feel I'm beginning to get back into it.

Ideally I'd be uploading two songs a month, but I'm just going to say the current goal is one by the end of April, and then one every month after that. Let's see if I can't be a slightly disciplined person!


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2016-04-07 12:05:05

Oh man, creativity block...
Hope you get something good going in the near future!

Geoplex responds:

Cheers dude. I had a longer break (1.5 years) between 2009 and 2011, but it still sucks so much haha


2016-04-15 08:41:53

glad you're still alive
stay awesome !

Geoplex responds:

I'll give it a shot, you stay awesome yourself :)


2016-04-20 21:43:49

its ok, glad youre at least trying, really hope to see what you have for the future ;)

Geoplex responds:

I'll never stop trying :P Thanks for sticking around!


2016-05-05 03:18:04

I'm with you dude, 100%, good luck clawing your groove back, though by what you've posted lately, seems like you never lost it.

Geoplex responds:

Thanks man, I really appreciate that. I'm slowly getting there, I think :P


2016-05-07 10:27:07

Hope you can get back on your feet. This might be a bit late to talk. but I saw this and I know you can get back to what you do best :)

Geoplex responds:

Thanks man. at the moment I'm looking to release at least one song by next week, so that's something :)