2013-12-27 06:06:59 by Geoplex

This means I'm going to be producing as much as I can, now that I'm finally able to judge my mixes appropriately. It's been a long 7 months that I've been stuck with my pathetic earbuds. 


Also yay, 2-year warranty on these ones. So very little chance of losing them again, unless they get incinerated or something. I don't think they'll let me exchange a pile of ash for a replacement, though I could be wrong.2023070_138814227782_2717.20.14.jpg


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2013-12-27 06:12:47

280 pros? I have those too. Noticed a huge difference in my sound (more depth, more bass) once I got them (upgraded from basic 30$ sony's)

Geoplex responds:

Nice! I wasn't too sure about these to be honest, but the guy in the store convinced me. How much did you get yours for?


2013-12-27 06:20:50

not sure, I got them for Christmas. I think it was around 100-120$ (it was 2010 when I got them).

Geoplex responds:

Ah, okay - just wondering what kind of price I got :P

Mine were $165, though they were marked down from $200. Stupid JB Hi-Fi.


2013-12-27 07:28:04

Cool! I've got some similar ones, also from Sennheiser (HD 518). Sounds like we'll hear new songs from you soon :D

Geoplex responds:

Heh, looks like I made the right choice in headphones - these seem popular :P

And I hope so man, I'm working on something now actually... dunno if I'll end up happy with it, though.


2013-12-27 07:54:29

Damnnnnnn they look sexy.

(Updated ) Geoplex responds:

They sound sexy too.


2013-12-27 12:18:58

Have fun!

Geoplex responds:

I will :D


2013-12-28 02:07:19

Santa is pleased with you.

Geoplex responds:

Well, I bought these with money i gained from Christmas... so technically true :P