I'm not dead!

2013-08-28 07:38:01 by Geoplex

I've been excessively inactive lately, partially due to the untimely destruction of my headphones, and partially due to my current situation. My final year of school is wrapping up in a few weeks and consequently I've been far too busy to produce, but once school's finished I should have a nice amount of time on my hands.

Expect some kind of upload in the not-too-distant-ish future! (Hopefully!)


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2013-08-29 21:31:30

If you haven't gotten new headphones, you should try out Beats Studios. Some people love them (such as myself), some people hate them. I like them because they have great comfort, great bass, and great looks.

Geoplex responds:

I've heard pretty mixed opinions about them, but I may have a look.



2013-09-08 03:26:23

Ya i feel ya man. Life gets in the way of music some times. Glad to see you're still around however.

Geoplex responds:

Yeah, I ache to produce D:


2013-09-29 04:20:50

Thanks for the song, man! :)

Geoplex responds:

And thank you for using it!


2013-10-19 10:49:07

Oh hey snowblade, haven't seen you in forever lol. how ya been?

Geoplex responds:

I've been discovered!

I'm pretty good, but pretty inactive D:
I'm also bad at remembering people well, I remember you were in Incendation though.


2013-10-20 10:00:15

lol yup, and you were also making madness execution right?

Geoplex responds:

Oh yeah, I've long forgotten about that. I don't really associate this account with anything madness related anymore, really - I'm just using it for uploading music and I don't even use Flash for non-school related things now :/


2013-10-28 21:14:02

Oh, that kinda sucks :\

Geoplex responds:

Yup! :P

I see you're still animating, though; congrats on the recent daily 3rd :P


2013-10-29 21:21:51

Thanks man :D