Headphone breakage!

2013-07-11 10:11:57 by Geoplex

So, my $300 headphones just exploded violently on me. I think my warranty's still valid on them, so it may not be the end of the world - but at any rate, I likely won't have anything up for a decent amount of time if I'm stuck with my earbuds.

If anyone's curious for any reason, these were my headphones.


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2013-07-11 11:37:31

I hate it when my headphones break.
I'm like a slaughter house for headphones :\

Geoplex responds:

I used to be, but I've held onto this pair for a good 10 months until now D:


2013-07-11 11:40:24

How could headphones explode? Were there batteries inside?

Geoplex responds:

Bit of dramatic terminology, not literal :P

They did make some very suspicious, explodey sounds, though.


2013-07-18 20:24:48

thinking of headphones breaking, the first pair i broke was when i ripped the audio jack off by draging it beside the car.... probly shouldve looked to see if they were all the way in :/

Geoplex responds:

Damn, that's pretty brutal. Mine just suddenly stopped working.


2013-07-22 22:53:09

Man, I remember i accidentally stepped on and yanked my cord to my headset and broke one of the earbuds on it. It was my only good headset i recorded with, but it had a mic which was just fine. I was lucky though, my bro was good with electronics and he was able to repair it so I managed to keep it around. Headsets usually don't get a second chance, and I've had a few break on me before.

Geoplex responds:

The previous pair i owned was repaired literally 5-7 times, but this time my headphones appear to be irreparably damaged D:


2013-08-10 23:59:31

Why did you get rasta headphones, that's like the gayest shit ever lmfao.

Geoplex responds:

They were decent quality-wise.


2013-08-11 00:35:05

Okay, well, as long as you weren't buying them because they're rasta. Otherwise I'd have to conclude that you're a total faggot.

(Updated ) Geoplex responds:

They were recommended to me, I didn't assume that the decoration had any impact on the sound they produced.


2013-08-12 12:03:07

I'm not professional or anything, but I'm currently using Beats Studios and I like the sound quality. These are my first "new" headphones and haven't tried out other headphones yet.

Geoplex responds:

I've heard bad things about those, but I've never tried them myself. I should really focus on getting my current ones fixed, but I've literally been procrastinating that D: