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Unlikely Spookiness

2015-10-31 10:29:18 by Geoplex



Also, Happy Halloween!

I made dubstep?

2015-09-23 17:49:53 by Geoplex

Omgawd. First attempt so it's probably a bit weird compared to my other songs. Still, check it out!

Drumstep collab!

2015-06-17 16:17:07 by Geoplex

Symmetrik and I have just finished a Drumstep collaboration. It's not as melodic or uplifting as my usual stuff, so a word of warnnig to anyone familiar with the rest of my music. I still like it though. It's a fair way outside my comfort zone so it was a fun an interesting experiment :)



I've been inactive for a while thanks to life; but now I'm releasing a reworked version of an old song - Horizon - under a new name, and with a few vocals. I'm also uploading a small video-game loop I made for someone because I wanted to share.

Along with that, I made a Bandcamp account, where you can get super HQ versions of my shit and name your price. Which is cool. If you click it I'll love you forever <3

I also made a twitter for some reason. Go follow me because I might actually be active there, hopefully! 


20th Birthday!

2015-01-27 08:23:54 by Geoplex


Progressive trance is awesome

2015-01-18 06:02:37 by Geoplex

I made a new song, pretty proud of it. Go loooook.

New DnB.

2014-11-03 08:37:49 by Geoplex

I'll never stop trying to emulate StanSB's Cloud Head it seems.


2014-07-09 22:14:47 by Geoplex

Well fuck me, it's about time Newgrounds.

New DnB song!

2014-05-14 07:32:35 by Geoplex

Uploaded a neeeeew DnB song! It's super compressed. Yiss.

New Audio!

2014-03-05 18:27:03 by Geoplex

So I've just uploaded something new, and simultaneously realized in a bout of soul-crushing irritation that I uploaded Dreamtide and Skydrive a few hours too early two weeks ago, so they didn't get on the pop list :(


This new thing is pretty cool though go listen or something.