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Facebook page.

1/30/13 by Geoplex
Updated 1/30/13

Is anyone willing to feed my lust for likes? I don't know why, but that number is suddenly important to me.


(Likes may be exchanged for cookies/hugs.)


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I liked it last year :D

2/8/13 Geoplex responds:

Ah yes. Thanks from last year :D


2/6/13 Geoplex responds:

Thanky :D

Your song 'Origin' is pretty good (not sure why I didn't bother listening to it when you just submitted it).

I'm gonna 'borrow' that chord progression you used there. :P

2/4/13 Geoplex responds:

Haha, it's not technically mine anyway so go ahead :P

and thanks!



Hey Plexy, I'll like your FB page!

2/3/13 Geoplex responds:

Thanks :D

Also plexy.

How many Facebook likes do you have?

2/1/13 Geoplex responds:

Not many, I don't use Facebook socially anymore so I haven't shared it anywhere but here.